House of Mercy Encompasses

 At the House of Mercy we are focusing on the underlying disease of poverty rather than the symptoms. With Christ at the center and focus of what we are doing not only the poor will be transformed but also ourselves. Help us in our program by donating today.

Coming Vocational Training

Vocational training is used to prepare for a certain trade or craft.

Vocational training is education in the type of trade a person wants to pursue, forgoing traditional academics.

In the near future the House of mercy will offer an adult education program “for all who wish to learn.”  To help them improve their lives by taking advantage of the career and technical training.  The goal is to go from “learning to earning” as quick as possible.  All of our programs will be open to the public.


Services Coming Soon!

Hands-on skills training and career preparation for entry-level positions in:

  • Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating;
  • Plumbing and Heating;
  • Building Maintenance;
  • Residential and Commercial Electricity;
  • Carpentry
  • Training in use of equipment, machines, and technology
  • Computer competency classes
  • Cooking
  • Sales Training.
  • Personal support including advising, tutoring, and referrals to appropriate resources for assistance with barriers to completion
  • Resume and job interview preparation
  • Continuing job search service as a resource to help with job replacement and advancement as needed
  • Customized training for businesses