• We need volunteers to help prepare this establishment for occupancy.

The House of Mercy Home for those who wants to make the leap, who will fight the pervasive influence of homelessness, poverty, and abuse, who will make an empowered decision to rise up and become a productive community member, who understands, unequivocally, that the decision to create a better life – for themselves and for their family – rests entirely on them.

We are proud to be a faith-based program where men, women and children find hope to start over.

We offer them many services, but the key to their success is, to finding hope and healing.

When women leave a violent home, they don’t know how they will survive.

They’ve been told they can’t make it on their own.

We show them how they can.

House of Mercy is a safe supportive haven for Men, Women and their Children from all walks of life, with no exceptions.
We offer choices instead of victimization, domestic violence and drug abuse; we offer safety, anonymity and protection.
Our program creates an environment conducive to learning and educating.
We are also providing personal counseling giving them life tools for use in starting a better life for them and their children.